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Our debut album, the recording that re-ignited all of our passions for making original music again. Released digitally in September 2018 and crowd-funded onto vinyl in 2019. We have a handful of the 1st (and at this time only) pressing left. Grab one before they go.


Here is a review taken from by music journlist Thomas H. Green


Moonlight Parade Out of Nothing (Southview)

For anyone awaiting a collision of Doves, New Order and the Stones Roses, with a heavy dose of 1980s Creation Records, then Worthing trio Moonlight Parade just might be the ticket. But this is no pastiche of the past; Moonlight Parade bring sturdy song-craft to their debut album. They go about their business with an ease of purpose, their music emanating unforced sweetness and a certain nostalgic longing. The appeal lies in the way frontman Ben Todd’s plaintive vocals are balanced with unforced, effusive guitar pop. The song “Sometimes” is a case in point: the guitar and light orchestrated synth are driven forward by an in-yer-face bassline, a melodic, catchy wholeness achieved once the vocals arrive on top. It’s classic indie, but in spirit, not of the buzzsaw guitar variety, and these 11 songs announce a fully formed talent.

Out of Nothing Vinyl LP 180g

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